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In dentistry, rebuilding function is about problem-solving. For patients who are missing teeth and can't chew properly, those that struggle with dentures that don't work, or have jaw or tooth pain, function is a big deal. In fact, many patients would say that proper function is their most important dental concern.

Dentists restore function by modeling replacement teeth or teeth repairs to fulfill the role of a natural, healthy tooth. Molars chew, incisors bite and tear food, and the tongue, lips and teeth work together with air and vocal cords to form words, sound and laughter. At Carmichael Dental Care, our goal is to consider each of these important jobs and provide dental care that meets the specific needs of each patient.

Restorative Services offered at Carmichael Dental Care include:

Dental Fillings

A dental filling is used to repair small defects in natural tooth structure, whether they are deep pits or grooves that are impossible to clean or are the result of damage from tooth decay or chipping. At Carmichael Dental Care, we use pliable plastic composite filling materials that are available in shades to match natural teeth.

During a filling procedure, the tooth structure is shaped and prepared by the dentist to remove sharp edges, heavy stain or tooth decay. The plastic tooth filling material is bonded to the tooth structure using special adhesives to create a smooth, cleansable surface that blends with your smile.

Cosmetic tooth bonding procedures also use tooth-colored dental filling materials to conceal small chipped or misshaped areas in front teeth. Cosmetic bonding is often used to close small gaps between teeth. Composite tooth filling material is easily re-shaped, removed or replaced; this is beneficial during the cosmetic smile makeover decision process.


Also called caps, dental crowns provide full coverage of the top, or "crown" of the tooth. Dental crowns may be made of gold, precious metals, porcelain, zirconia or a combination of these materials. Crowns are usually recommended when a substantial portion of the tooth is broken-down due to old restorations, trauma, or tooth decay. Montgomery dentist Dr. Chet Swartzentruber provides custom dental crowns that are designed for both durability and appearance.

Root Canals

When decay or infection reaches the nerve of a tooth, the tooth can sometimes be saved through root canal therapy. The dentist performs this treatment by making a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access the root of the tooth and treat the inside of tooth with special disinfectants and sealers. Once the root canal procedure is completed, the tooth is restored using a dental crown to protect it from breakage.

A root canal and crown on a single tooth costs considerably less than tooth replacement options such as a 3-unit dental bridge or a dental implant. When possible, choosing a root canal-crown treatment is a better long term investment than a tooth extraction.

When a tooth is missing, a number of factors affect how it is replaced. If there is sufficient bone available, a single dental implant may be preferred over a bridge that involves preparing adjacent teeth. In the case of multiple missing teeth, a combination of dental implants, bridges and partial dentures may be the best route. Or, if all of the teeth are missing, dental implants may be used to stabilize a cosmetic denture for a natural-looking result.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a tiny biocompatible titanium cylinder that is inserted into the jaw bone to function as a tooth root. Once in place and properly healed, the dental implant can be restored using a dental crown or bridge, or, can be used to stabilize a partial or complete denture. Dental implants are designed to “integrate” into the jaw bone and help maintain bone health; they play a major role in replacement dentistry today.


A bridge is a fixed prosthetic tooth replacement that attaches to existing natural teeth. It may replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth. A bridge can also be made of precious metal or a combination of cosmetic dental porcelain and special dental materials.

Complete or Partial Dentures

When multiple teeth or all of the natural teeth are missing, a removable denture may be necessary. Partial dentures are held in place by clasps that rest on existing teeth. Complete dentures replace all the teeth. Partial or complete dentures are often secured using dental implants. The dental implants serve as attachments for the denture to keep it from slipping during eating or talking.

Cosmetic Life-Like Dentures

At Carmichael Dental Care, Dr. Chet Swartzentruber recommends Cosmetic Life-Like Dentures® for a naturally pleasing appearance.

The Cosmetic Life-Like Denture® design is carefully planned to allow the denture wearer to chew, laugh, speak, smile and even sing again! We have found that investing time and effort into a custom denture is a health-smart choice vs. the ‘trial and error’ approach of economy dentures that fit for a while, then are discarded.

Dr. Chet Swartzentruber and team want you to have the information you need to choose the appropriate dental treatment for your situation. We invite you to Contact Carmichael Dental Care to schedule a New Patient visit in our Montgomery family dental practice.

Carmichael Dental Care complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. No representation is made that the quality of the dental services to be performed is greater than the quality of dental services performed by other dentists.